The Monteverdi organ

The instrument

While scholars and performers have researched and performed the music of Monteverdi for centuries, oddly enough, no one had tried to re-create the organ of which Monteverdi so fondly spoke – until now. An organ with wooden pipes, with a characteristic sweet sound that blends perfectly with both voices and instruments, should be well worth investigating, one would think.

The thought did occur to Krijn Koetsveld during his monumental recording of the complete Monteverdi madrigals. He approached the National Instrument Foundation (NMF) in The Netherlands with the idea; they were immediately convinced of the need for such an instrument and together they embarked on the project. Now, after an intensive period of research and artisanry, the organ, based on extant instruments and decorations from early 17th century Venice, is finished. The open pipes are made of cypress and the bellows can be operated either mechanically or manually, giving the instrument an innate peaceful sound. The expert in Italian baroque instrument decoration, Michele Barchi, was personally responsible for the exuberant ornamentation.

The making-of
Watch the video’s made by NMF about the creation of the Monteverdi organ, from genesis to completion!

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7 October 2021

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Amsterdam, Nederland


Our music theatre production has a new premiere date! We will then go on tour.

Arianna is a reconstruction of the lost Monteverdi opera by Florian Magnus Maier, with poems by Willem Kloos and directed by Sybrand van der Werf.

Want to know more about it? Read the article (in Dutch) by the Groene Amsterdammer, October 2019.