Jennifer van der Hart


“Seizing the magic of the moment is the most exhilarating aspect of performing, setting out on a musical adventure with your audience. Adventure can be found in all performance, whether it is re-creating old masterworks or in experimental premieres; completely focused on minimal music or playing Singing Mermaid to a boatful of toddlers; premiering a brand-new composition or re-interpreting the genius of Monteverdi.”

The chasm between Early and Modern music is irrelevant for Jennifer, who has a foot firmly planted in both worlds. She specialised in innovative musical theatre while working with Silbersee, formerly VocaalLAB. She has performed many world premieres with Dutch opera companies Silbersee, Hollands Diep and Veenfabriek as well as soloing with Asko-Schönberg and Concerto Copenhagen. She is a regular member of Lunatree. She discovered her love of Monteverdi while singing first soprano with Compagnie Bischoff and feels privileged to be able to fully explore his music with Le Nuove Musiche.