Hugo Naessens


“My love for Monteverdi is sadly unrequited, as he wasn’t actually a big fan of the alto voice. As a tenor or soprano, you’re golden, but his alto parts are notorious for being low and awkward. Nevertheless, the ensemble sound is so beautiful and the text settings so brilliant that I embrace my line with gusto.”

Hugo was the first countertenor ever to earn a degree at a Dutch conservatory. He studied piano with Jacques Hendriks and voice with Alfred Deller and Aafje Heynis. Even as a student, he sang solo roles in cantatas, passions and oratoria and performed with many Early Music ensembles. But he was no stranger to modern repertoire; he performed the role of Sister Hal in the musical “Pink Crocodiles” over 120 times!
Hugo is a permanent member and fixer of the Amsterdam Baroque Choir directed by Ton Koopman. He also performs with the Currende Consort conducted by Erik van Nevel, Cappella Pratensis, the medieval group Li Solaus in Lisbon and the Kesselberg Ensemble in Basel. Together with the Egidius College, he was involved in the prestigious 6-year recording and performing project of the Leiden Choirbooks. Most recently, he performed the role of Mammalucca in Francesco Conti’s “Mammalucca, Bagatella e Pattatocco” with I Piccoli Olandesi. He has sung with Le Nuove Musiche since the founding of the ensemble.